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Bengaluru, Karnataka, India
Posted on Thursday, October 19, 2023

About Vimaan

Vimaan Robotics is a privately held technology company, founded in 2017 and headquartered in Silicon Valley. Vimaan is driving a paradigm shift in the way computer vision is enabled and leveraged for inventory management in the supply chain and logistics industry. Vimaan’s proprietary SaaS based end-to-end solution provides comprehensive and real-time tracking of inventory movement and status within the warehouse; seamlessly integrates into existing legacy workflows and ecosystems; enables full autonomy and scalability; generates rich, actionable data for supply chain operators; and delivers dramatic monetary returns through cost savings and customer satisfaction improvement.

The company’s leadership team has a track record of founding and successfully exiting multiple companies. Vimaan is planning to soon emerge from stealth mode but has already raised venture capital from blue chip Silicon Valley investors and has engagements with multiple Fortune 500 customers. The company has over 50 employees in various locations in the US and one location in Bengaluru, India.

Position Description

Vimaan is looking for Module Lead to drive the development of foundational machine learning algorithms to power our cutting-edge end-to-end warehouse inventory tracking platform. Develop integrated embedded systems for our drones – including embedded system platform development, camera and sensor integration, flight controller and motor control system development, etc. Develop customer applications for drones — including computer vision techniques such as object recognition, OCR, barcode scanning, machine learning, stereovision, SLAM, 3D-reconstruction, etc. Architect and develop full stack software to interface between our solution and customer database and access – including database development, API development, UI/UX, storage, security and processing for data acquired by the drone Integration and testing of various off the shelf sensors and other modules with drone and related software Develop software related to autonomy and flight controls 6. Management of outsourced R&D and other projects by local and other vendors.


The ideal candidate has the following attributes

  • 5+ years of hands-on experience in computer vision and machine learning projects to solve real world problems involving vision tasks such as object detection, object tracking, instance segmentation, activity detection, depth estimation, optical flow, multi-view geometry, domain adaptation etc.
  • Deep insights into data characteristics and ability to map those to appropriate model architectures
  • Working knowledge of SOTA techniques in CV, ML and Deep Learning in particular
  • Strong Python programming skills and understanding of deep learning frameworks and workflow
  • Solving state of the art problems in multi-view geometry, activity recognition, object detection, tracking through deep-learning and classical computer vision.
  • Understand the problem statement and perform exhaustive literature survey of state-of-the-art architectures to solve problem at hand.
  • Identify potential methods which can solve the problems.
  • Devise and build neural networks from scratch for solutions.
  • Define metrics of performance and benchmark the solution.